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Right in the FEEL's

There's an extra level of magic when you meet enthusiasts and owners at events like Japanese car fest. The overcast skies did little to dampen the palpable atmosphere of child-like glee. The sight of so many unusual and highly unique modified vehicles in one place is almost too much to take in.

We did a thing..

Genuine Spoon shell, built by Eurotech the previous BTCC winning team. This car was a spare shell during the time that Eurotech were campaigning the DC5 Type Rs and has subsequently never been raced. It was then made into a PR car and made up with new, genuine Honda parts. The build also includes a full T45 International Custom Cages.

Original BCNR33 V-Spec is something special..

BCNR33, the ugly duckling, the odd one out, the black sheep. However you see the R33 GT-R, it still has a place in JDM legend. It was the last of the three cars to really boom in value but it's now well on its way to matching the price of the R32 GT-R.

Back in an NSX..

2008, the financial crash.. Imagine having no choice but to sell a 1994 NSX-R for £32,000. Thirty.. Two.. Thousand.. Pounds. And not just any NSX-R, an NSX-R that went straight to Mugen in 1994 for just shy of 2,000,000 Yen of upgrades including headers, ECU, 4.4 final drive and LSD. A car that was quite simply; unique. I had spent my year with this car wondering if I had hit the pinnacle of motoring at just 27 years of age..

Eurobeat Intensifies!

Launched in Japan in 1983, the Toyota Corolla GT Coupe needs no introduction. Oft-referred to as "AE86" in reference to its chassis code; it's a drifting legend and a keen driver's delight. But there's one AE86 that's more famous than any other; the white-over-black model that appeared in classic Manga series "Initial D" in 1995, and in the live-action remake of 2005.

Supercar Advocates M-Spec NUR!

This R34 is one of 144 M-Spec NUR examples delivered from the factory in Millennium Jade (JW0) and features a carbon fiber rear diffuser, a rear fog light, a rear wiper, an adjustable rear wing, side marker lamps, xenon headlights, and privacy glass. The car has been fitted with NISMO side skirts, rear bumper skirts, and wheel arch extensions in addition to a carbon-fiber rear wing blade and a replacement front spoiler.

Toda Powered EG Project Update Vol 1

So why keep it NA? Why ITBS? I'm old (school). All motor power may produce lower hp figures but the way they drive I find more rewarding and has longevity. Throttle response is almost instant.Each time you attack a lap your mistakes are highlighted, you don't have 500hp to squirt down the straights to make up for your mistakes in the complex bits of a track. I believe this can give you a longer learning curve and more appreciation for minor adjustments to the setup of a car..

FD2 Project Update Vol 1

After inspection this FD2 was exactly what I was looking for. Up at USS Nagoya (our preferrd house), Grade 4.5, 65k km, 1 owner in Japan and a few nice goodies including RG coilovers and Fujitsubo Authorize RM cat back. Interior was Grade B but had very little sign of wear, the rear seats still had the delivery stickers on them and I don't think they've been sat in much. A good test is the rear seat belt retraction. Higher km cars tend to not be as smooth going back in.

Collection Report: The bargain performance Honda

When we think of performance 4 door saloons powered by high revving VTEC engines we think of the FD2 and the earlier CL1. The CL7 gets overlooked. Is it the subtle styling? Who knows.. But the truth is the CL7 is capable. Powered by the K20A, slick 6 speed manual and LSD and with a host of aftermarket parts available you can turn a CL7 into a weapon. Without doubt the weakest part of the CL7 is the suspension/ride height.

Collection Report: Mugen CRZ

The CRX is a legend. When Honda announced the CRZ it raised eyebrows. Hybrid? LEA engine? Yes it doesn't have the power of modern hatchbacks/coupes but it does have stunning looks, brilliant handling and was/is well supported by the usual Honda tuners in Japan.

Collection Report: Sub 20k mile Evolution IV GSR

In October 1995 the Evo base model, the Lancer, underwent a full model change. This led to the Evolution series moving into its second generation. This progression was marked with the release of the fourth iteration of the Lancer Evolution, known as the Mitsubishi Evo IV, launched in August 1996. An innovative car, the first to use Active Yaw Control.

FD2 Project Begins - No Fake Shit!

Being around Japanese imports since the late 90s (over half of my life) I respect the companies that have developed parts for so many of the cars I've owned and admired. From the early days when only the likes of HKS, Apexi and Blitz were freely available here to the internet boom; Hundreds of companies have come and gone and in more recent years the rise of copies, counterfeit and fake shit has spread across the scene like a cancer.

Collection Report: A pair of Civic Type-Rs

The boffins at Honda Japan weren't happy with the EP3. No doubt lots of shouting in Japanese ensued and lots of bowing. The result? Honda Japan shipping the JDM K20A all the way to Swindon to be fitted to the cars destined for Japan. Along with Championship White paint and better Recaro seats the JDM EP3 was head and shoulders above the offering we got here in the UK.

Collection Report: Honda Integra DC2 Type-Rx

Over in Japan the NSX-R had demolished pretty much everything around a track. Even some high HP tuned cars on Tsukuba running OEM setup with a set of slicks. This ethos was then turned to the Integra. The Integra DC2 SiR was a relative success but Honda was determined to produce a world beater with the DC2..

Collection Report: BNR34 V-Spec II

The RS Turbo was considered "old" and was associated with young males driving around town centres with music booming and a barely legal girl in the passenger seat.. Where was the next generation of sports cars or sporty hatchbacks going to come from?

The DIY warning.. again..

Facebook and Forums.. Full of posts asking about importing cars. With so many of the "DIY" brigage suggesting doing it yourself via an agent that will sell anything, to anyone it is no surprise we see posts and pictures 3 months later saying they bought a lemon..

Spotted: 1998 Honda Civic Type-R (EK9) with 14,000km

Driven to the shops once a week for 20 years? A huge part of our job is searching.. hours upon hours of searching auctions, used cars sites and many terrible Japanese dealer websites.. Not often we come across something we just have to share.. This is one of these rare occasions..

Collection Report: Chasing Perfection..

When done right, the JZX100 Chaser V is a stunning sight.. The Chaser isn't a car I've ever really thought much about.. In standard aero from it sits between the Rover 600 (I even found an owners club for this shockingly bad cars - currently rated 2.5 out of 5 by Parkers) and a generic late 90s Volvo..

Collection Report: Mugen'd FD2 Civic Type-R

Top Gear Magazine awarded the European FN2 Civic Type R its "Hot Hatch of 2007", praising the car's controls and comparing it favourably as a driver's car to its rivals, the Stig qualifying it as "an utter gem". ..and then we all know what happened next.. Clarkson said it "just doesn't feel that quick" and that "all the poise and controllability that you used to get in the old car is just sort of... gone".

Collection Report: Low mileage EP3 Civic Type-R

Honda UK marketing bods. Why? Just... Why?? In 2001 Honda introduced the next generation of the Civic Type R as a unique 3-door hatchback to the UK market, which was manufactured in Swindon. The EDM Civic Type R featured a 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) 2.0L i-VTEC engine (K20A2) and the regular Type R treatment of seam welding, close ratio 6-speed transmission and upgraded brakes..

Pistonheads Spotted - Not as it appears to be..

Bing.. Whatsapp message 93894 of the day.. "You seen this? Pistonheads have put a spotted post up with a fresh import EK9 which is under £9,000. Knowing what EK9s are fetching in Japan, how is this example priced at just £9000 when it claims to be a rust free, clean example.

Collection Report: 1994 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type RA

Who needs creature comforts? Subaru had entered a Legacy into the rally circuit in the early '90s, teaming with our very own Prodrive UK as early as 1989, but was winless. The Impreza's more nimble chassis would help, but a directive from Subaru insisted that, even though the Impreza was prepped and ready, Prodrive would have to score an overall victory in the Legacy before they could use it.

Collection Report: Grade 4 FD2 Civic Type-R

Grade 4 2009 FD2 Civic Type-R with juset over 42,000 miles from new! Brand new tyres fitted along with some minor paintwork. This is a fantastic example of the last NA Type-R Civics! The K20 just sings and loves to work hard, combine that with pin point steering, a dream 6sp manual transmission and you've got a combination that makes those spiritied B road runs an absolute joy.

Collection Report: CT9A Evolution IX RS with just 13k km from new!

James had been on our books for some time. Unsure of what to buy as an investment and already owning a super rare Evolution VIII RS he was looking for something different. We looked at low mileage EK9 Civic Type-Rs, CP9A Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Editions and out of the blue, this super low mileage Evolution IX RS came up at a dealer and it was actually James that found it and sent it over.

Monday Memories: Mugen RR with 10613 miles from new!

The Mugen RR - a unicorn. A car that stirs emotions. The pinacle of front wheel drive motoring and a car that celebrates all that is right with Japanese automotive engineering. We found this example at a Honda specialist (think Mugen RRs, NSX-R and S2000 Type-S) near Tokyo. Yutaka took the trip north to inspect the car and it didn't disappoint. Basically perfect..

Spotted: 1994 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II RS (CE9A)

The Lancer Evolution II was announced at the end of December 1993, with GSR (Type CE9A-SNGF) and RS (Type CE9A-SNDF) grades going on sale from the middle of January 1994. A total of 5000 cars were made available from the outset this time, as sales had been brisk on the original model; the GSR version was priced at 2,898,000 Yen. The new model was just as popular as the original and the entire Evolution II run had been sold by April.

Collection Report: Evo VII GSR

Mitsubishi issued the following press release on 26 January 2001: "Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces that the Lancer Evolution VII sophisticated 4WD sports sedan will go on sale at Galant and Car Plaza dealer showrooms throughout Japan on Saturday 3 February 2001".

Collection Report: BNR32 GT-R - Sourced from a Museum!

A very special BNR32 GT-R ready for collection. This client has been on our books since May 2017 with very specific needs. BNR32, low mileage and in as original condition as possible. Originally he was looking for a V-Spec but when this example came up, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Inspection - what does it cover?

Major auction houses offer an inspection service. Usually for around 2000 Yen. What does this cover? Not a lot.. Pretty much what Europcar do when you return a lease car. You can't ask them to inspect certain areas. You can't ask for photos. You can't ask for videos.

Thinking about importing yourself? Got someone you trust in Japan to inspect?

We've had a customer on our books for some time, he had a decent budget for an FD2. Preferably Championship White, must have the red interior. Mild state of tune acceptable so intake, muffler that has JASMA approval. We'd lost out on a few cars at our trusted sites and along comes a Grade 4 with 116,000 km / 72,095 miles. B interior. The auction sheet listed 2 A1s..