JPN Brand Advocates

What are they? How do I apply?

"For customers who are building amazing cars. No fake shit, no reps, no corners cut, no compromise.."

To support these customers we have opened the JPN Brand Advocate programme. Build plans have to be discussed and the account approved to access this account.

Enquire via Whatsapp

Tom joined the Advocate Programme in 2020 and hasn't looked back..

The build started with the bonnet and snowballed into an entire FEEL's catalogue showcase. JPN completed the project over a year. Parts imported from Japan took three to four months to come, so they gradually ordered the whole bodykit. "JPN did a great job. They got people in Japan to talk to FEEL's because there's a bit of a language barrier and they're not as well known as Mugen and Spoon and the big Honda brands like J's Racing. FEEL's do a lot for this platform, so it's nice to get everything."

We have a proud and ethical history of only ever selling authentic and genuine products from the top brands in Japan and Europe. We have never sold an illegal copy of any product. Our "#nofakeshit" Campaign encompasses not only the automotive market but also every market where original goods are produced and sold. Brands that invest heavily into new products for our cars do so in order to increase your automotive experience. Without these brands and their forward-thinking approach we'd simply have no performance parts to add to our cars.

We are taking an active stand against replicas, styled and themed parts because we do not want to see people ripped off, we don't want to support an illegal black market and we don't want to see people put at risk. We want to encourage others to take a similar stand and join us in the effort to stamp out such trade.

We try and price the products aggressively to bring the cost of building epic cars down in the hope to increase authentic product options and availability, reduces your safety risks and retains real product value resulting in a much better scene.