Right in the FEEL's

25 May 2023

Taken from: https://www.fastcar.co.uk/

Complete with the full FEEL's catalogue of parts, this modified Honda Civic Type R FD2 is the only one in existence outside of Japan. We check out Tom's FD2.

There's an extra level of magic when you meet enthusiasts and owners at events like Japanese car fest. The overcast skies did little to dampen the palpable atmosphere of child-like glee. The sight of so many unusual and highly unique modified vehicles in one place is almost too much to take in.

For many, it's also a moment to sit back and celebrate the hard work that's gone into their beloved project cars and get inspiration for their next modification. We spoke with owner Tom Wallington about the journey he's been on to transform his stock FD2 to a complete FEEL's catalogue build.

This FD2 came over as an import in October 2020 and Tom jumped at the opportunity to be the first UK owner of his dream car. The vehicle was completely stock, so Tom had a blank canvas to work with. "I've always wanted an FD2 and the right moment came to buy it. The goal was to try and get as many of the FEEL's parts as I could but then it turned into a complete project."

The build started with the bonnet and snowballed into an entire FEEL's catalogue showcase. BHP imports in Newcastle completed the project over a year. Parts imported from Japan took three to four months to come, so they gradually ordered the whole bodykit. "BHP did a great job. They got people in Japan to talk to FEEL's because there's a bit of a language barrier and they're not as well known as Mugen and Spoon and the big Honda brands like J's Racing. FEEL's do a lot for this platform, so it's nice to get everything."

It's not just the exterior that's been modified, it's fitted with a Toda exhaust and the ECU was sent to Japan for FEEL's to map the car. Inside, there's Mugen seats and Mugen assist meter gauges too. This project is especially unique as Tom says, "it's one of one, it's the only one outside of Japan with the entire FEEL's kit on an FD2. Apart from the two they own, it's the only one in the world, so it's pretty special."

What's the appeal of the modified Honda Civic Type R FD2?

Its aggressive looks are a winner for Tom, "a lot of people tend to do minor stuff like maybe just a splitter, a wing or some wheels, I just wanted to go the whole hog, go big or go home." Because FEEL's supplies the whole kit, Tom was able to complete his vision right down to FEEL's decals. From the side aero ducts at the rear to the front fenders and wing, the bodykit is a cohesive collection of modifications to create a dynamically impressive car, whether it's static or racing around a track.

FEEL'S Bodykit

The Honda Civic Type R FD2 was designed in a wind tunnel to improve Honda's performance around the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. FEEL'S offers two modification styles for the FD2, a softer road version and a time attack spec. Tom of course went for the more aggressive time attack version, "they developed everything properly which obviously helps it on the road. There's no drama, the wheels don't slide or skid, it's really planted, it's awesome."

Engine Specs and Power

Tom reckons it's running at around 230bhp but it hasn't been dynoed yet. He's planning to add Toda individual throttle bodies and cams to get it up to around 270bhp. "So it will be a noticeable jump, but plenty for a front-wheel drive car." The aerodynamic design also means "because of how well it handles, especially in the right hands around a track, it would keep up with things with 300 or 400bhp."

Underneath it had a suspension overhaul to run on coilovers by Tein, it's got rigid collars by Spoon and Cusco front and rear anti roll bars. "So it doesn't just look pretty, it handles unbelievably. It's all dialed in; they've set everything up well and it just fills you with confidence." It's got a Backyard special shift mechanism and new bushes from M&M. The same wheels that FEEL's use were fitted to suit the fenders with wider wheels at the front to create a reverse stagger.

Tom's Modifying CV

As we often see, by the time you get to the dream car, there's always been several modified vehicles that have come before. Tom first started out with a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R, but soon got the taste for Hondas. "I had a Civic EP3 Type R which we put a supercharger on which was cool." Then he moved onto a Honda Civic DC5 Turbo but the FD2 was always in his sights. "This was always the dream car and here we are, this is the keeper."

Although it sometimes gets mistaken for an Evo and not many people know who FEEL's are, Tom says this is a good conversation starter. "When I explain to people what I've done they're like "oh wow". It's something special, there isn't another one out there, so I'm really proud of it."

What's next for the modified Honda Civic Type R FD2?

Of course, no modification project is ever complete but Tom thinks he's nearly there. "We're going to do a bit more engine work." Even though FEEL's mapped the ECU, it's not pushing the engine as much as it could, but there's a FEEL's stamp on every aspect of the car. "I want to do Toda individual throttle bodies with Toda cams to get a bit more power out of it. That's the last bit of the build."

The Best Memories

The highlight of any build has to be the moment it's finished. It was especially memorable for Tom because his beloved FD2 was six hours away so he couldn't pop in to check on its progress during its 12 month overhaul. "I got update pictures but they were pretty crafty with what they'd send me," so he never saw the car as a whole before he saw it in person for the final reveal. "Walking through the doors and seeing it there was like 'oh sh*t, that's mine,' it took me a while to take it in."

Engine and Cooling:
JDM K20a
GruppeM RamAir System
Toda Racing Full exhaust
FEEL's Inlet Manifold Cover (Twill Weave)
FEEL's Oil Cap
FEEL's Large capacity Radiator
FEEL's racing box
FEEL's Radiator Cap
Chasing J's Titanium Plug cover
Seeker reservoir covers

Factory 6 speed Honda gearbox
Factory LSD
Backyard Special Shift Mechanism
M&M Honda Aluminium Shift Bracket Rigid Collar
M&M Honda Aluminium Shift Wire Rigid Collar
Seeker Super Shift Collar
M&M Reinforced Clutch Pedal
FEEL's Titanium Gear Knob

Factory Brembo brakes (APP Titanium 2 piece floating rotor kit on order)

Tein Flex Z Coilovers
Spoon Rigid Collar Kit (Front)
Spoon Rigid Collar Kit (Rear)
Cusco 28mm Front Anti Roll Bar
Cusco 23mm Rear Anti Roll Bar
Hardrace Camber arms
Eibach Camber bolts

FEEL's Front Sports Bumper
FEEL's Front Sports Bumper Under Panel
FEEL's Front Sports Bumper Side Fins
FEEL's Canards
FEEL's Vented Bonnet (Twill Weave Carbon)
FEEL's 1600mm Twill Weave GT Wing
FEEL's Spoiler end caps Type 2 (Twill Weave Carbon)
FEEL's Twill Weave base plates
FEEL's Spoiler brackets
FEEL's Rear Diffuser Single Exit Muffler (Twill Weave Carbon)
FEEL's Rear Fog Light LED (Twill Weave Carbon)
FEEL's Carbon Trunk (Twill Weave Carbon)
FEEL's Wide front fenders
FEEL's Rear Fender Extensions
FEEL's Rear side aero vents
FEEL's Sticker Set
FEEL's Sunstrip
FEEL's Large Decals
Seeker Dress Up Mirror
Seeker Aero Wiper Blade
Tinted headlights (Gangsta Wraps)

AME Tracer TM02 18x9.5 ET12 5x114.3
AME Tracer TM02 18x8.5 ET45 5x114.3
AME Tracer TM02 Centre Caps
Enkei wheel nuts
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 255/35R18 (F)
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/40R18 (R)

Mugen Semi Bucket Seat MS-Z Driver
Mugen Semi Bucket Seat MS-Z Passenger
Bride RO Rail (Passenger)
Bride RO Rail (Drivers)
Mugen Assist Metre gauges
Js Racing carbon steering wheel
Js Racing shift boot ring
Stradale Alcantara shift boot
Alcantara Honda MXST console cover
Okuyama Passenger foot rest
Seeker Super Wide Blue Mirror
FEEL's 6sp Shift Pattern Sticker