Vehicle Transportation

Forget Shiply! You need to know your JDM classic is in good hands..

Moving a classic or high value vehicle is a time consuming business. Not just the potential time spent phoning around for quotes and assessing availability or suitability of transport companies, but also managing the collection and delivery points. Then there's insurance to think about, maybe pre-collection vehicle inspections and a dozen other things. We take of the entire process for you. We have been working closely with our transport partners for years and they've delivered hundreds of vehicles from low value vehicles like the Nissan Leaf to £250,000 Nissan Skyline GT-Rs.

JDM Transport, UK
JDM Transport, UK
Multicar car transport is charged at £1.24 a mile
Single car open transport is charged at £1.35 a mile
Single car enclosed transport is charged at £4.00 a mile