This has been our message for almost 20 years..

We have a proud and ethical history of only ever selling authentic and genuine products from the top brands in Japan and Europe. We have never sold an illegal copy of any product. Our "#nofakeshit" Campaign encompasses not only the automotive market but also every market where original goods are produced and sold. Brands that invest heavily into new products for our cars do so in order to increase your automotive experience. Without these brands and their forward-thinking approach we'd simply have no performance parts to add to our cars.

The brands that invest heavily into Research and Design do so because like us, they love cars. They love racing. They want to push the boundaries and do better than the next guy. But the brands face some real challenges - the global credit crunch limits capital they can draw from, raw material costs are only going up and raw materials are being used extensively by other industries - placing limitations on what can be produced and when they can be produced.

Fact: Fake products in any shape, form or description are immoral - it's as simple as that.

What constitutes a fake? Any product that sells itself as "styled", or as the real thing (fake), a direct copy (replica) or themed parts (brand name that sounds the real deal). All of which damage the real brand.

Examples below:

  • Seeker style rear wing: Google
  • Replica Japanese Wheels China: Google

By clicking the Google link for each you see some of poor quality on offer. Some of these Chinese products even have Japanese sounding names, one even has "Japan" in the company name!

This is how real companies operate:

  • Research, design, development, testing - NPD
  • Create new parts
  • Continue testing and improving - EPD
  • Increased sales and lower part manufacturing costs through volume
  • Create company growth and increase workforce
  • Repeat

As a result of this new products enter the market to better the automotive experience. With new parts comes increased sales - and given that their products are not being copied (a crucial aspect of the cycle) - the increased sales result in lower part costs (a positive with many customers) because of the increased volumes. From this income more and more time and effort can be dedicated to producing new parts and the cycle continues.

The pivot of the system relies on customers seeking only authentic products and rewarding the brands by purchasing their products. If market share is being directed towards illegal replicas or styled parts the brands cannot afford to keep producing new parts and the market dries up (see ARC, Trust and Apexi for recent examples).

Aside from the economics of this issue, a more concerning matter exists and that is the safety of the consumer. The majority of authentic parts come with various manufacturing standards ratings, quality control ratings or sanctioned approvals (such as FIA, SFI, ASEA, NAPAC, JAA and so on) so that you are sure the part can perform as specified without safety issues. Illegal replicas and styled parts live off the authentic brands' good name and place people at risk with inferior materials and false endorsements.

We are taking an active stand against replicas, styled and themed parts because we do not want to see people ripped off, we don't want to support an illegal black market and we don't want to see people put at risk. We want to encourage others to take a similar stand and join us in the effort to stamp out such trade.

Our FD2 Civic Type R. 2 guesses what the "NFS" stands for?

We try and price the products aggressively to bring the cost of building epic cars down in the hope to increase authentic product options and availability, reduces your safety risks and retains real product value resulting in a much better scene.

In recent years the level of fakes or scened products in the UK market has made UK manufacturers and the government take note. It isn't just effecting high end brands from Japan, it now affects cheap mass produced products usually found on the shelves of motor factors! It's time to stand this out.

All we want is your support. We don't care where you buy your parts from, as long as you always "Buy Genuine".

Thank you

Baz Smith
Japanese Performance & Nostalgia Ltd