JU is one of the biggest auction house groups in Japan offering multiple venues to auto dealers and members across the world. Due to the diverse dealer market, majority dealers participate in regular bidding which has increased the closing ratio significantly. Moreover, JU deals in sale of top quality vehicles and conducts thorough inspection before the auction thereby providing all information such as damage history, detailed Auction sheet, etc.

Auction House Auction Day Units Per Week Inspection
JU Aichi 4Thursday 2300
JU Akita 3Wednesday 400
JU Aomori 2Tuesday 400
JU Chiba 5Friday 800
JU Fukui 2Tuesday 400
JU Fukuoka 5Friday 1500
JU Fukushima 4Thursday 900
JU Gifu 6Saturday 3900
JU Gunma 4Thursday 900
JU Hiroshima 4Thursday 1700
JU Hokkaido 5Friday 400
JU Ibaraki 3Wednesday 700
JU Ishikawa 3Wednesday 400
JU Kanagawa 4Thursday 500
JU Kumamoto 3Wednesday 400
JU Mie 2Tuesday 400
JU Miyagi 5Friday 1400
JU Miyazaki 4Thursday 400
JU Nagano 2Tuesday 500
JU Nara 6Saturday 1000
JU Niigata 5Friday 900
JU Oita 3Wednesday 400
JU Okinawa 5Friday 300
JU Saitama 2Tuesday 3600
JU Sapporo 5Friday 1100
JU Shizuoka 2Tuesday 700
JU Tochigi 5Friday 700
JU Tokyo 1Monday 800
JU Toyama 4Thursday 400
JU Yamagata 6Saturday 800
JU Yamaguchi 2Tuesday 800
JU Yamanashi 6Saturday 800