Toyota Auto Auction (TAA) is one of the biggest and oldest auction houses dealing in high standard Toyota Vehicles. The auction house offers venues at the most popular regions in Japan thereby attracting dealers and members from Japan and other countries of the world to buy the world’s leading auto brand. TAA makes sure the vehicles are preserved from all external hazards, hence providing a completely clean and car-friendly environment.

Auction House Auction Day Units Per Week Inspection
TAA Chubu 4Thursday 1500
TAA Hiroshima 2Tuesday 1000
TAA Hokkaido 4Thursday 1000
TAA Hyogo 6Saturday 1000
TAA Kanto 4Thursday 3000
TAA Kinki 2Tuesday 2500
TAA Kyushu 2Tuesday 2000
TAA Minami Kyushu 2Tuesday 1500
TAA Shikoku 2Tuesday 1000
TAA Tohoku 4Thursday 1000
TAA Yokohama 6Saturday 1000