Inspection Service

Why is inspection so important?

When bidding on cars that are between 5 and 50 years old there may be hidden problems that were not picked up by the house when they graded the car.

Although the body/exterior of the car is inspected and the underside checked we are still limited to the 3-10 photos or in some cases 16 photos released by the seller and auction house.

Now imagine having the car checked over for 20-30 minutes with 80 photos and a few videos of the car. This would give you a much better overall feel of the condition of the car. Going off the grading alone on older cars isn't recommended.

We've seen Grade 4 B cars with severe rust on the underside and Grade R cars that are near perfect but had a new bumper due to underside damage caused by high curbs in service stations car parks.

Inspection really is the only way to guarantee better buying practices and to mitigate as much risk as possible; thus protecting your financial interests.

What levels of inspection are there?

Many companies may offer an inspection service which is a written report. These are not carried out by these companies but by the auction house themselves for a fee of ¥1800-2200.

By providing a list of questions to the house they'll send an inspector to the vehicle and check those specific areas. But without photographs it's still open to debate on what exactly "some rust underneath" or "many minor damage on body" means.

The main reason we opted to offer inspection services was to maintain our high standards. Many of the JDM classics we inspect we reject on the basis of condition and/or rust, many of which we may have bid on going soley from the grading and inspector comments.

The service we offer is far more indepth and covers the entire car from exterior, interior, underside, under bonnet, engine, transmission and running gear. View the galleries below for example photographs from 3 inspections.

Where can JPN inspect?

We have inspectors at over 40 auction houses and key prefectures (Chūbu, Kantō , Kansai) so even dealer cars can now be inspected.

Auction House Auction Day Units per Week
ARAI Bayside Friday 2800
ARAI Oyama Thursday 2800
BAYAUC Wednesday 4000
CAA Chubu Wednesday 4700
CAA Gifu Tuesday 1500
CAA Tokyo Tuesday 2600
HAA Kobe Saturday 10000
Honda Kansai Monday 800
Honda Nagoya Monday 500
Honda Tokyo Monday 900
JAA Wednesday 300
JU Aichi Thursday 2300
JU Gifu Saturday 3900
JU Saitama Tuesday 3600
JU Tokyo Monday 800
LAA Okayama Friday 1300
LUM Kobe Thursday 1200
Mirive Aichi Friday 4000
Mirive Osaka Thursday 1500
Mirive Saitama Tuesday 800
NAA Osaka Thursday 700
NAA Tokyo Friday 2800
NPS Osaka Tuesday 2000
ORIX Kobe Tuesday 600
TAA Chubu Thursday 1500
TAA Hiroshima Tuesday 1000
TAA Hyogo Saturday 1000
TAA Kanto Thursday 3000
TAA Kinki Tuesday 2500
TAA Yokohama Saturday 1000
USS Gunma Saturday 2400
USS Kobe Wednesday 2800
USS Kyushu Saturday 4000
USS Nagoya Friday 7100
USS Okayama Saturday 1900
USS Osaka Friday 2300
USS R-Nagoya Monday 2400
USS Saitama Friday 1900
USS Shizuoka Saturday 2300
USS Tokyo Thursday 14700
USS Yokohama Tuesday 2800