Our detail includes machine polishing stages to bring your vehicle up to a standard!

We offer this service on the Classic, Premium, Premium+ and Platinum packages as standard but now offer this a standalone service. During the polishing stages our detailer will aim to remove as many light swirl and scratches as possible while also restoring clarity and gloss to the paint work. Some deeper swirls and scratches may still remain. This can take anywhere from 1-2 days!

The following will be carried out:

  • Full exterior safe wash on all surfaces and wheels
  • Full paint work decontamination process using safe chemicals and methods
  • Clay bar paintwork to remove contaminants in paint
  • Machine polishing stages (usually 1-2 stages) discussed on initial inspection of vehicle
  • Wheel sealant applied to faces of wheels to make washing easier
  • Tire dressing applied
  • Plastic trim dressing applied (where applicable)
  • Door shuts and recesses cleaned and sealed
  • Headlights restored to best possible condition
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed
  • Floor mats and carpets hoovered wet vac’d
  • All interior plastic and trims steam cleaned
  • Leather/fabric seats cleaned and protected
  • Exhaust pipes cleaned and polished

We also offer ceramic coating which you can find more about here.

Paint, Repairs and Restoration
Paint, Repairs and Restoration
Micro car such as JDM Kei Car - £150 inc VAT
Small car such as Honda Jazz GD/GE - £190 inc VAT
Medium car such as Honda Civic EP3 - £230 inc VAT
Large car such as Mitsubishi Evolution - £300 inc VAT
MPV van such as Nissan Elgrand - £350 inc VAT